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Spray Tans

Sienna X  &  Crazy Angel

Tan to perfection with the Crazy Angel or Sienna X collection of professional tanning products. The supreme range from these boutique brands will caress your body with a heavenly bronzed veil. These fabulous and innovative ranges are heaven sent, after using Crazy Angel or Sienna X you are on the path to an eternal tan.

Full Body 
Crazy Angel £12.00
Sienna X £15.00 

Half Body 
Crazy Angel £6.00
Sienna X £7.50

* Wax/Shave, Exfoliate & Moisturise 12-24 hrs prior to your tanning appointment.
*Avoid use of make up, perfume, deodorant  & oils on the skin prior to your appointment.
* Bring dark loose clothing for after your tan.
* Shower 6-8 hrs after or leave over night if you had your tan applied after 6pm
* Moisturise daily

 Please notify us of any allergies or medical conditions at the time of booking.
Patch testing required
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